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How Meeno Group makes sourcing from China easier?

Complete one-stop service for sourcing from China.

Free Sourcing Consultancy

Tell us what products you need or current problems, we’ll quote you within 48 hours, urgently please call us directly.

Professional Factory Audits

Our experienced, local Chinese team can evaluate your factory’s true conditions and minimize risks from the beginning.

Factory & Market Guide

Professional Chinese translator team guides you in the market, helps you to search and negotiate with the first hand factory.

Manage Complex Orders

Whether you need OEM, ODM or a mix of many items in one container, we can help you save a lot of work and cost.

Reliable Logistic Forwarder

Meeno has self-support imports and exports right, helping customers in shipping cargo to worldwide stably for many years.

Small Business Supported

Our mission is to help foreigners import from China easily, including small businesses with minimum order as low as $500.

Get a FREE quote or importing advice in 24 hours.

Meeno Group Sourcing Blogs

Be a sourcing expert with our practical guide, every tip works

How to import from China? Complete Guide

Step by step guide on how to import from China.

Don’t take our words for it

Listen to what our clients have to say about our sourcing services

Meeno Group is a professional and reliable sourcing agent for my business. For years now, Meeno has supported us with branding, designing and shipping logistic from China to Italy.
They are the best shipping agent for urgent orders so far. Their team responds fast to inquiries and solve problems straight away.



Every year, we visit Yiwu Futian Market to check and get inspiration to develop new product line.
Each time, we depend on Meeno Group’s professional translator, Kathy. She has been helping us to source, compare prices and check the quality of products.
Working with Meeno has made our importing business successful.


United Kingdom.

We have been working with manufacturers directly. Unfortunately, the supplier stopped production due to unexpected problems.
Due to a tight delivery schedule, we needed to get a new supplier. This is where Meeno Group came on board.
Within a short time, they had found a new supplier. The production started and within 9 days we had our sample.
They are efficient and we were impressed.



Tell us your sourcing plan

So, if you’re looking for a sourcing agent, and you want someone to guarantee the safety and quality of your overseas business, mail us today!