Shipping from China Methonds:

Meeno provides 3 popular methods to ship goods from China to the global market.

1.By sea


  • Freight: The cheapest shipping method
  • Delivery time: 30-40 days
  • Extra Charges:Up loading charges, port fees, docking fees, storage fees, clearance fees, ETC.
  • FCL & LCL: FCL is full container loading, LCL is less than container loading.
  • Types of Container: 20ft container (28CBM), 40ft container (58CBM) and 40ft HQ container (68CBM).
  • Common Trade Terms: FOB(Free on board), CIF(Cost, insurance and freight), DDP(Delivered duty paid)
  • Document used for custom clearance: B/L, invoice and packing list. The photo below is an original B/L, our company will provide a full set of documentation for your custom clearance.

2.By Courier


  • Carrier Companies: DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, EMS, etc.
  • Carrier weight: Carton box in any weight, better below 100KGS
  • Freight: Higher cost
  • Delivery time: within 7 days
  • Remind: Urgent goods that are not too heavy since it is quite expensive.

Our company has cooperated forwarder who can provide a better freight and fast delivery.

3.By Air


  • Carrier Company: Shipping forwarder
  • Carrier Weight: Heavy bulk above 100KGS
  • Freight: Lower than Courier, more economical
  • Delivery time: 5-10days
  • Remind: Urgent bulk. Acquire the documentation to be provided for custom clearance, have a cooperate freight forwarding company
  • The air cargo shipment is between sea and courier shipment, it is lower freight than by courier but faster than by sea.
  • Document used for custom clearance: B/L, invoice and packing list. Most of time we will do Telex Release for air cargo shipment to guarantee on time delivery. Below photo is our air cargo B/L.