FCL & LCL Shipping from China- The Ultimate Guide


When bulk goods need to be transported, ocean shipping is the best method to save yourself the huge costs incurred when using air-freight.

Depending on your order quantity and the products value, you need to choose from either FCL or LCL when shipping from China.

Perhaps you don’t realize that shipping a 20ft container is cheaper […]

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Yiwu International Trade City – The Ultimate Guide


Yiwu International Trade City is the largest wholesale market in the world.

As Meeno worked around this market for many years, this guide will take you through a step-by-step process on how to best navigate the Yiwu market, and get the most out of your visit!

I’ve covered the most vital aspects, such as:

How to […]

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How to import from China to UK – A Step-by-Step Guide


For a businessman, importing goods from China can generate higher profits.

However, there are several barriers to entry when importing from China, such as the language barrier, lacking import experience, etc.

In this actionable step-by-step guide I’ll show you how you can import products from China to the UK.

It’s actually 10x easier than you think!

You’ll learn […]

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