Q: What kinds of products does your company source for?
A: We mainly source for consumer goods due to our proximity to the largest wholesale market in China. According to the Government of China’s official data, there are around 70,000 booths, with more than 1,700,000 different kinds products.
These products are from more than 210,000 Chinese suppliers.
For other products that do not have competitive prices in this market, we source them from other cities. For example, we source electronics from Shenzhen city and furniture from Foshan City.
Distance is never a problem, you will still get the product in time.
Q: Does your company know all industries/companies well?
A: We have sourced many different kinds of products. However, we cannot be experts in all industries.
For a fact, everyone has his/her knowledge blind area.
Whenever we get a new product, we learn from it and contact experts from either the factory or supplier. With this kind of cooperation, we ensure the entire sourcing process is efficient.
Q: How do you search for suppliers in China?
A: We do a comprehensive online search. Our company collects this information via Chinese search engine and business portals.
The Meeno team evaluates and assesses each supplier by doing a thorough inspection of every product they offer. We then filter good suppliers who can then send us their quotation and sample products.
Offline: We have also accumulated many factory resources from the local city, wholesale markets, trade fairs, friends’ introduction etc.
Q: Will you spam my mailbox after joining your newsletter plan?
A: We promise not to spam your inbox. We only send practical sourcing skills you need when sourcing for products in China, useful Chinese import & export news.
Your email addresses are under privacy protection, we’ll never abuse them.
Q: How can you start cooperating with us? Is there any limit?
A:Just tell us what products or services you need. We will then take you through a step-by-step process on how to get it faster at the best market price.
Even new importers find this to be an easy process. For more information, please check how we work page.
There’s a MOQ per item. It is $500.
When your order total amount is > $2000, then MOQ amount per item can be lower.
Q: How do you guarantee the quality of goods when they arrive at your warehouse?
A: When goods arrive to our warehouse, we open every box to check quality, color, quantity, size, and take HD photos for you to confirm. For some customized orders, we start the quality control process during production.
We ask the manufacturer to send us samples from the bulk production process.