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Meeno Help Small Business Import Jewelry & Accessories From China

Located in Yiwu city, Meeno brings you the chance to import jewellry from China with the latest premium style. We have helped more than 100 various scale jewelry and fashion accessory customers to source for these items in China.

We supply abundant styles, popular fashionable trends with famous designs, small quantity to 12pcs per style for stock. For specific styles, we support sample making by either sending images or original jewelry.

Meeno can provide you with a quick quote within 48 hours. We are a company that promotes DIY jewelry accessory and is also our main export business.

Need Meeno Sourcing Your Jewelry Accessories Order ?

Import Jewelry from China Easily Now

  • Facing production barriers on original styles?
  • Finding it difficult to get the latest model fast?
  • Having quality issues like lead free or nickel free?
  • Finding it difficult to get a multi jewelry style in stock?
  • Slow jewelry style updates from supplier?

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