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Meeno is one of the most renowned outsourcing agents when considering kitchenware for household or industrial purposes.

Our expertise in sourcing, sampling, quality checking and shipment coordination is inexplicable and trusted.

We are a one stop shop for your kitchenware needs. Blenders, immersion mixers, asparagus tools, basters, utensils, kitchen appliances and much more, all are included!

With our strong business associations with the country’s best suppliers, exporters and manufacturers dealing in a vast variety of products, we bring you the perks of the choicest range of products for the best kitchens.

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  • Are you in search of an outsourcing agent providing inexplicable professional cooperation?
  • Are you worried about the fragile handling and shipping of your kitchenware imports?
  • Does your current experience make you hesitant to try outsourcing?
  • Did you face quality control issues when using other services?
  • Shocked by experiencing issues of custom clearance?

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